Satanism in Churachandpur: Is It Real? (English Version)

From our Special Correspondent:

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Sometime back there was a rumour that some suspected Satanic worshippers used to meet at Rengkai Cemetry late in the night. But after careful investigation by the local people, nothing concrete was found and the rumour just disappeared with time. However, if the reports given during the recent Spiritual Leaders’ Conference on Satanism and Demonic Activities convened by Pastor Lallienmawi at Bethel Counseling Center, Lower Lamka during November 21-22, 2011, are to be taken into consideration, it is painfully clear that this was no simple ordinary rumour! Pastor Lallienmawi hails from Rengkai and has been blessed with a successful ministry in and around New Delhi for the last several years. Recently he returned to Churachandpur in response to God’s call to work among his own people and it was then that he started this Bethel Counselling Centre.

The Conference mentioned above was designed for Church leaders and lay leaders who are considered to be spiritually matured and the purpose was to discuss and consult on the matter of Satanic activities that are becoming more prevalent in Churachandpur town. The following is a brief report of the discussions.
According to a reliable source, it is estimated that there are 500 to 700 active Satanic worshippers including 180 women right here in Churachandpur town. The group is led by three key leaders among whom one is from Paite community, one is from Hmar community and one is from a Non-Tribal (Vai). One of the members is a son of a pastor who took the initiative of spreading a message through the internet that Jesus is not a historical person but only a myth. It is said that some satanic worshippers in the West came across his message and they sent him $5000 to help in his satanic evangelism.

The report further states that this group would often meet on a particular hill beyond the Muolvaiphei village, known as Cherep tlang by the local people, during full moon night where they would observe a solemn moment of satanic worship. During this moment of worship, they lit four candles with a goat head in the middle and they would use animal blood as sacrifice to Satan. During this ritual all the participants removed all their clothes and would stand around completely naked. Then a round of drugs or denrite (a glue with intoxicating element) will follow and every one will have sex freely. These are a part of the worship rituals. It is also reported that such moments of worship were also held inside a church as an act of defiance to Jesus Christ.

According to the statement of a person who was recently converted from Satanism, he was told by Satan that he is no longer satisfied with animal blood and is demanding human blood for sacrifice. Satan promised him that if he fulfil this particular demand, he will give him more power. The man started thinking that if he is to comply with this demand it would mean that he will have to kill someone and he was not prepared for such a brutal crime. It was from that moment he began to realize that worshipping Satan is going to lead him in to something which he has not bargained for, and this eventually led to his conversion.

One of the main reasons why our young people are so easily attracted to satanic worship is that you are never short of pocket money. If there is a job to be done and they need money, they would walk in the street and passersby would randomly dropped their wallets before them without being aware of it. Such are easy money for satanic disciples done through satanic power. Another reason is that boys can have any girl they want. And once they have a girl with them they can do whatever they want with them. If they want to have sex with them they can make the girls sexually aroused or make them become unconscious during which they do whatever they want with them.

Though the organizers wanted to maintain the privacy of those who are involved, one boy who was recently converted from Satanism, was bold enough to stand before the gathering at the Conference and shared about his experience. According to this boy, his parents divorced during his childhood and his father remarried and they were both always drunk. He felt so loss and hopeless in this world and out of desperation he decided to follow Satan and that was way back in 2005.

The fact that Satan is alive and can be literally worshiped is clear from the fact that those who have worshiped him, claim to have some demonic power in them! They have power to steal and rob people easily without making them aware of it. They even claimed to be able to disappear from human sight when the need arise.

The main target of this satanic group is the young people. According to them, they cannot completely wipe off the name of Jesus Christ here in this town. But if they can win the hearts of the young people, then the name of Jesus Christ will be completely wipe off in the next generation. They are doing everything possible to achieve this goal.

Dear friends, these are the kind of things that confront us right in our own society. We said that we are all Christians and we have raised many beautiful church buildings in every nook and corner of our town. We take our bibles and we criss-crossed each others in the streets on Sunday morning with bibles in our hands. And it is during this very moment that our enemy Satan is actively busy luring our young people with empty promises of money, sex and pleasures towards the path of destruction.

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  • Please send more some related updates and more information about Satanism in CCpur, a cult that lured our society. Where were the Flockherd in our vulnerable Lamka[Cross Road town indeed]????

  • This is indeed a very sad chapter in the history of Manipur and particularly ccpur, a christian dist.who is responsible for all these spiritual mess? This may be due to poor parenting and lack of discipline and spiritual training children in the right time. It may be also due to spiritual indifference from the concerned leaders. There is lot of education imparted and ccpurians are the most educated i manipur.but this is an education or knowledge without character or marality.This also may be relared to endtime events.i think a very serious introspectoin and pondering is necesary.if we want to save our children and lead them to the right path lets act i haste before it is too late.

  • can we afford to let this continue?This is dangerous!!

  • It is so shock and painful for me to hear and know about this that has been existing in my own hometown. But it is not too late to fight for our own people and for God to exterminate this evil from our hometown. thus, i urge especially young people to come up to fight against this for Christ sake and i am sure that we can defeat this with the help of God for His Glory.

  • Yes Mr.D. Robert you r absolutely right. one and all who love Jesus must come out in support and 2 participate this war on the enemy of God and christians. Satan worship is the literal presence and an incarnation of satan. in every generation it is the intention and the plan of the devil to destroy humanity especially God’s people, a clear eg. is in Genesis 6.Satan knows his time is running out, so he he will do every thing to thwart the plan of salvation and lead as many people as possible to hell.for he doesnt want to go alone for the party there.

    • I don’t see the problem. Satanism is just teoahnr Christian sect: same mythology, same pantheon, same blinkered worldview. Lavey just mixed in some Rand/Nietzsche hedonism to spice up his version, everything else is stock Christianity with locally inverted polarities. If you’re gonna approve one sect, you should approve em all.

  • the above picture-symbol of this position many christians ignorently hang stars during christmas.satan can misue any creation of God.and since it is his symbol let us change the position while hanging stars for decoration and to comemmorate the birth of Christ.

  • I would like to know if this trend continues.

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