By: Rev. Lalrosiem Songate

“In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not” (John 1:4-5)

Rev. Songate

Rev. Lalrosiem Songate

The above passage gives us about the connection between life and light. And here it is talking about true life, life in all its fullness. It also talks about light, light in all its brightness and clarity. In other words it is about the life and light that is from Jesus Christ Himself.

Dead men do not see. But when a supposedly dead man comes back to life, he got up open his eyes and started looking around. He sees his surroundings and knows where he is. Life and light go together. A living body without an eye sight is a blind person and is abnormal. Many Christians are like blind people because we have life as a Christian but lack the spiritual perspective of life. We see and look at things from an unspiritual perspective.

The life that Jesus imparted to His believers also gives them spiritual insight. They no longer walk by sight but by faith (2 Cor. 5:7). They see beyond what the natural man sees and so they sometimes appear foolish in the sight of other people.  The apostle Paul was termed as foolish by the Roman Governor Felix because he could not see what he saw with his spiritual sight.

What kind of Life is this?

This life is the life from God which we received at the time of regeneration. We thought we have life but our bodily life is not really life because it can die. Life that can die is not really life. True life cannot die, because life and death cannot co-exist. If you can die, it means you are not really alive. Death and Life are opposite to one another and therefore cannot mutually exist. Life is the absence of death and death is the absence of life. If there is death or the possibility of death in you, it means you are not truly alive. The life that we have through faith in Jesus Christ is the true life, because even if we die, we shall live again.

Where does this Life come from?

“In him was life…” takes us to the preceding verses starting from v.1. The term “Word” (the Greek word is Logos) is a term that represents the Greek’s concept for a divine being. By using the term Logos, John was in effect saying that what you have understood as a divine being was none other than Jesus himself. He was there in the beginning, not ‘from’ the beginning. It implies that he was already there in the beginning of creation. The two clauses, “was with God” and “was God” are very interesting and imply different aspects of Jesus Himself. The first one does not refer to geographical proximity but intimacy and it speaks of the intimate relationship between God the Father and God the Son. The second one defines the intensity of intimacy in that the Word (Jesus the Son) and God (the Father) are the same. Jesus Himself declared to the Jewish people that “I and the Father are one!” (John 10:30).  This means here we need to incorporate the Trinitarian concept of the Godhead to give its proper meaning.

Everything was made through the Word. Gen 1 tells us that God says and it came into being. Jesus was the Word that God speaks and that brings creation into being. Jesus as the Word is the revelation of God and that is why Jesus said, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.” (John 14:9).

It was this life of the Son of God that brings light to man. By this life man began to see things in its right perspectives.

“The light shines into darkness and the darkness apprehended it not.”  This can be understood in two ways. Light comes but darkness cannot incorporate the light into its being. They are both totally incompatible. 2 Cor. 4:4 speaks of the children of darkness who are blinded by Satan. They are blind and therefore in the dark. Second, light comes and darkness cannot overcome it. They are two incompatible things, but light is always superior to darkness. Darkness is the absence of light.  Wherever there is light darkness is driven away.

As Christians and believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we have the life of Jesus in us. We will never die! Our body may die should the Lord tarries, but we will live again and we will live eternally with God in heaven. But while we live on the earth waiting for the coming of the Lord, we need to develop a true perspective of life. We can only have a true perspective of life if we allow ourselves to be changed by the new nature of the life of Christ within us.

May we all allow ourselves to be changed by the new life in us and see things in the right perspective!

A hun tah, Lalpa, tuhin ka hringna la rawh! (I Kings 19:4)

By: Rev. Dr. H.M. Songate

Rev. Dr. H.M. Songate

Rev. Dr. H.M. Songate

Kum tinin kum 13-34 inkara upa mi maktaduoi khat neka tamlem mani le mani an inthat (suicide) zie a. (Manipur, Mizoram le Sikkim population neka tam lem ani chu!!) Mani le mani inthat ṭhel khawm a nuoi tel in an um zie bawk. Eini ram tieng tak ngiel khawm mani inthatna an sang ta em em. Mihriem tuel khawm, alien a chin, a hausa le pasie, rawngbawltuhai ṭhangsa in mani hringnun ah harsatna (crisis) dang dang ei tuok seng hlak. In hnêmna ding Pathien um tho sienkhawm, mi tamtakin an harsatna an tuor muolsuo zo naw leiin an inthat tho hlak. Solomon meu khawm khan a mit in a hmu phâk thil hai anei thei zie dam, grep huon ṭha, hlasaktu ṭha le nuhmei tamtak a nei thu ân zâwt zut zuta, ahnung el ah chuong haia insukhlim ahang tum chun “Nun hi ka chim ani” (I hated life) alo ti ve hiel el anih. Thi dai nuom khawpin anun a nghawk anih. Solomon meu hman khawvel nuna insukhlim atum khan ahringna kha alo nghawk hle ani chun, eini hai rawi lem chun nghawk naw ding zie zang ei ni nawh. Sum le pai tlawmte ei nei haia in sukhlim ei tum ani chun Sûm hlîm hnawt ang chau ei ni ding ani hrim anih. Mani inthat ngam si lo, thi nuom (death wish) mi tamtak ei um hlak. Chuong ang nuna I lo um ani khawmin ‘mi ang lo’ I ni nawha ‘mi ang’ I ni lem! Amiruokchu, mani hringna chu ei lâk ding ani nawh. Pathien nghâk fan fan ding ana, pastor senior hai dam rawn vat ding ani lem.

Chuleiin tulaia rongbawlna kaupeng pawimaw laia an ngai chu ‘Suicide’ (Mani inthatna) hri hi anih. Inhma laia eini haiin ei nei lo le ei hriet ngailo, ‘depression’ hi tulai naupang chite khawma an neia ngai anih. Tulai naupang Thluok hi computer hresa ang deua pieng anni ta a, chulei tak chun harsatna an tuokhai khawm eini rawi naupang lai nek khan an a danglam lem tah. Tienlaia naupang in ‘awi in’ nadinga hla hai kha tulai naupangin an ngai nuom ta nawh. ‘Thlapa aw hung var hung var…’ tihai dam kha ka tunu khawma sak a phal nawh. Ei sak leia var sap ding ani naw kha kum 6 mi chau khawma an hriet tlat! ‘Tawtaw fanghma va ve rawh’ ti hai dam lem kha a ngaina an hriet ta nawh. Fanghma ve hlak ani le ve dan tukhawmin an hriet nawh. Chuleiin, ei rawngbawl dan key hai ei suizui le ennawn a ṭha hle ding anih. Iengkim nei sia, Naupang in ‘Insung’ an nghawk rieu nasan hai dam ngaituo ngun a ṭha awm de. Isu’n naupa tlânhmang entirna alo hrillâwk dam kha alo va hmu hla em em de aw! Iengkim neia, inhawi ti taluoa khawsa, sum le siehlaw hau em em si in ‘aning an tel’ tlat anih. Tulai ṭhangthar nun hi alo kâwk phak dai an tah

Elijah, zawlnei laia ropui taka ngai le thil ropui tamtak Pathienin an thawtir pa khawm kha a bei a dawng hle ni ding ana. “A hun tah!” (It is enough) tiin Pathien kuomah a hringna suktawp dingin angen tawp el anih. Mani inthat (suicide) nachang kha lo hre sien la alo thaw bur el dim maw! Job (3:3;7:15 ) tak ngiel khawma harsatna rapthlak tak leh an hei inbuon tak tak chu a pieng ni ṭawngsie an phur zak el anih. Mosie tak ngiel khawm, mi nunnêm taka ngai ani a “Hieng ang ringawta I mi ṭhuoi ding ani chun, ka hringna la ta rawh” Numbers 11:15 ah alo ti hlawl el anih. Jonah khawma Jonah 4:3 ah thi alo thlang ve nasa hle el. Rawngbawltu untak tak hai testimony ka tiem chang mihriem hringnun hi alo harsat zie ka ngaituo nawn rawp hlak. Mani inthat êm an ngam nawha chu ‘thi an nuom thu’ Pathien kuom ah an lo intlun rawp hlak anih. Chuleiin, thuhriltu tamtakin superpower nei ang ziezanga inngaia an thu hril tamtak hai hi awi vawng harsa ei ti hlak hrim anih. Kei khawmin ka awi vawng ngai nawh. ‘Mani In hril thlarau mi’ an ti hai anni lem hlak!

Kei khawm ‘thi’ ka nuom chang alo um ve hlak! 1982 kum hin Guwahati ah kan sungin kan cheng ve a. Kan thlakhat hlaw Rs 680/-(matriculate teacher hlaw zat lo deu ania) kan harsat in van a ur hlak. Chulai chun Guwahati a Pastor ṭhenkhat chun thlakhat ah Rs 1300/-chuong an hlawa, In hluo man kohranin an pek bawk. Kan khawsak dan ân thlau em em. Khawsak dan ding a um tanaw leiin kan bei a dawnga, kan sunghai kan hril ngam bawk nawha. ‘Naupang in aram boruok an ngei nawha’ tiin in tieng ka nu le pa hai lo enkawl nawk dingin 1982 kumtawp in ka hang thak nawka. Ka tleirawl lungril khau lai tak khawma ka nu le pa hlem zen zen ngailo ka na. Harsat luot leia ‘Khel let der in’ ka nu le pa ka hang hlem kha chu Pathien naw chu intum ding ka hriet nawh! Vuongna sunga lungrilin hieng ang hin ka ṭawngṭai “Aw Lalpa, I mi ṭhuoi dan hi ka hriet thiem naw chau ni lovin inzak aum taluo! Kan vuongna hi in tlak tir la, natna hre hman lo dingin kan sunga kan hringna hi la el ta rawh” tiin ka ngen tawp. Imphal airport dam taka kan tlung chun ka lungril chu Pathien lak ah a lungawi naw hle anih. Pathien mi kona ka sukdik ah ka ngai a, thawding ami ti hai rin ngam lovin ka thaw sia, Ama’n athaw ve ding awma ka ngai hai athaw naw nia ka hriet leiin hriet thiem harsa ka ti em em anih. Mani nuhmei le nau hai khawm chawm zo lo mihriem ni neka kan lau khawvel ah a um nawh. Chutak chu ka hei tuok ana!

“Focus on what God has done for you, not on what He has not done” (Pathienin I chunga a thil thaw naw hai en lovin, a thawhai kha en lem rawh) ti hi ei hriet fûk naw pha, ei chau let der hlak anih. Chu ram chu ka hei tawng ana. Thi kha a damdawi ni dingin ka ring tlat. Mani hringna inla em ding chun kan ngaituo nawha, Pathienin ka hringna le ka sunghai po hringna kha hung suktawp thut sien ti kha ka duthusam ani ringawt el anih. Fak khawp hlaw zo lo e tilo chun kan naupa upa tak Heart disease in a hei man nawka! Vellore fepui vat ding an mi hang ti chu nghat na ding ka hriet hlawl nawh. Mani le sunghai hmangaina chu alo inthâk tho ie! Nang teh, ‘thi i nuom châng’ aum am? Elijah angin ‘thi’ I ngen ve hlak am’? Thi I nuom chang aum rawp khawmin ngaimak der naw rawh! Pathien hnung I zui leia tuor ding tamtak I tuor zo naw hai kha I hraw suok pha mak I la ti ding anih. Mosie, Elijah, Solomon, Jonah, Job le midang dang hai khawma anlo sir tah ram ani kha!

Tulai mithiemhai le therapeutic counseling thawtuhai chun ‘depression anih’ an ti hlak. Elijah khan Pathien ti angin sin a thawa, amiruokchu a beisei naw anga thil ahung tlung thut kha tuor harsa ati ni ngei atih. Khang lawm lawm khan dam kha azuk rin el ana. Pathien thupek zawm in ei in ngaia, thei tawpa thaw le Pathien mi kona ang taka sin thawa ei in ngai hun ah ei beisei na ang lampui tieng Pathien in ami ṭhuoi naw pha thil tamtak ei ngaituo hlak hrim anih. “Ami kona ka sukdika, thawding ati po po ka zawm fai rêta, amiruokchu, Ama in athaw ding a thaw nawh” ti hi rawngbawltuhai insuolpui rawp hlak a nih. Pathienin ei beiseina a sukdik el naw leiin ami zamsan ah ei ngai rawp hlak. Lalpa, ami hmangaitu kuoma nuor thusim intlun chu iengkhawm a pawina a um nawh! David neka inzawt rawn mi um naw nihai! Iengkim ‘ei ṭhatna dingin’ alo ruot lem hlak anih. Chuleiin, tuta harsatna in suolpui kha la hne ngei ngei I tih! Thawpikna le hnawchepna khel ram ṭhuoi tlunga I um pha leh, hnena puon I la sil ding anih. Unau, thi I lo nuom ve el am ie? Amen.


Rev. Dr. H.M. Songate

Rev. Dr. H.M. Songate

“Pu, tui ahung infâwn pha ami ṭhuoitu ding ka nei ve nawha anih” John 5:7

Kum 38 zet zeng puma tui, Vantirkoin an sukfâwn nghâk chu ava sawt veng veng de aw! Ama khât chaua nghâk nisien chu adan aum deua. Mi tamtak, zeng ni kherlo, damnaw ṭuonrang taktak dam kha an tam hle ding ana! A ṭuon muong deuhai khawm sungkuo hrat tak tak vantirko hung le hung lova tuia zuk phûm chawt el nghâk kha an sip el ding ana. Ka ngaituo chang chu hi zengpa hi mi naran chung chu ani hrim hrim! Mi dâwthei tak, tuorsel tak le beiseina insangtak nei zing mi anih. Ei ni rawi thingtlangmi hnam hai hei pei chi chu ani naw tawp el! Sina thabo, lengvâk meimei le lekha tiem peilo hai thaw chi chu an nawh! Thabo leia zana zal vat pei lo, thabo leia inhnu taka tho hlak, teireina neinaw hai tading chun nghawk um hleng a tih. Eini rawi ni inla thi dei tang ei tih! Fak ding khawm kha anei mumal am chu! Damnaw po po lai khan a nghâk sawt tak ani ka ring bawk! Nghâktu umlo damnaw chu mi lungsietum tak an nih. Hospital ah vawi iemanizat ka um ve taha, damnaw nghâktu bo chu ka hmu vâng em em. Ṭhangpuitu ding nghâka kum 38 lai khuma zal el ta chu lungsiet a um em em anih. Chuleiin, Isu’n ava pan vang vang kha thil inza um tak anih. Isu pienghma kum 5 kum 6 vel lo zal tah anih. A nghâk sawt veng veng hle el! Isu nghâktuhai an thlâwn ngai naw zie a suk lang!


Unau, nang teh Isu hi iengchen am I nghâk ve a? I nghâk nghawk vieu el tam? Thuhriltu hmingthang Spurgeon a nuhmei kha kum 25 tho thei lovin khumah a zal an tih. Ruth Graham Bell, Billy Graham a nuhmei khawm kha kum 10 vel a thi hma’n wheelchair in an nawr anih. Taksa damna ding dam, thlarau malsawmna ding dam, nauhai chunga dam, harsatna dang dang leiin Isu kum iengzam I nghak ve ta a? Kei ve bawk chu, vawikhat ka nuhmei Lalbeisei ni 5 sung food poison leiin hospital ah a uma. Sawt ka va ti lawm lawm de! Ringnawtu Kor le Vaihai damnaw dinga ṭha tak tak Guwahati ah anlo tam zie ka hmu dawk pha!! Chuleiin, hilaia zengpa hi ka tluknaw emem anih. Sukdamtu ding alo nghâk fan fan kha ropui ka ti em em. Tulaia damnaw inrik tamtak chu sorkar ah mani inthat phalna an hni rawp hlak. Kum 38 nghâkpa hi mi ropui tak anih. “Aw nghâk zingla phunnawi lo takin” ti hla kha ama rawiin sak inla inhawi ngawt atih! Lung inrawm taktak, mi dem hmang le chier hmang, khel hril pawi ti der lo hai insuk thlarau mi vieu bawk si hai le hi hla hi avel vela ei sak lem chun an thlang nawk ei inlau hle hlak anih! Chier inthluok ngailo, tuorsel, lung inuoi tak, ringna hrattak nei le thuawi mi a nih. Damtlâk hlie hlie anih


Ka lungril themtak chu zengpa ṭawngkam, “Pu, tui ahung infâwn pha ami ṭhuoitu ding tukhawm ka nei nawha anih” ati kha anih. Khawvel mipui hmun thuma ṭhea hmun hni neka tamlem haiin vawisun ni chen hin hi thu hi an lan zawt zing anih ti ka hang hmu chu ka lungril  a na em em! “Tukhawm Krista kuoma mi ṭhuoilut tu ding ka nei nawh an nawm” ti tu ding anva tam de aw! Thlarau bohmang hi kohran nisien ringtu mimal hai khawmin ‘hmangaina tak tak’ ei nei tlawm ta hle in ka hmu. ‘Thlarau bohmang’ ei hang ti de naka chu thlarau bohmang invawi em em mimal le kohran an tam bek bek nawh. Thawdan naran in feltak le mawihnai taka dan zawkimna ah ei hmang chauin ka hmu. Chanchin Ṭha thu a hrie nawhai laia va khêkpui chu hrillo, eini sunga takngiel khawm ‘diluted gospel’ chau naw hril ding ei hau ta naw ahawi. Chanchin Ṭha hi mi po po ta ding ani zing lai “Hril lovin iengtinam hre thei an ta?” Dr. Os Hilman in “Pathien thilthaw chu a naupa Isu sandamna dinga ahungtir kha ana, Isu thilthaw chu Sandamna sin thaw ana, ringtuhai mawphurna chu thiempu sin anga ringnawtu hai hung thuoilut anih” alo ti hi an dik hle anih. Isu ngeiin “Pa’n ami tir ang bawkin ka tir cheu hi” John 20:21 alo tih. Ringtuhai hin ei thawding tak ei thaw zo naw pha chu ‘ei thaw naw ding ei thaw lem hlak’. Kohran hai hin ei ‘Homework’ hi ei hne naw em em. Ei inkhawm ṭawk ṭawk a. Khawm chu tlawmngai mana thawlui deu angai nisien ahawi! Ei homework ei thaw naw leia thil umhai tlawmte hang tarlang met inla:

  • India rama Christian chu 2.4% anih. Nitin ringthar 10000 khat vel India ram sungah lâklut a ngai anih. Kohran tinin kumkhat sunga ringthar inlak zat kha lo hisap ve el ro! Kohran member tam nuom leia mani statistic sukpung hlak hai khan ngaiven a ṭha! Kohran member 40,000 in ringthar 1000 khawm kum khat sung man ngailo eini chun “Thlaraua ṭhanghar” ei hun tah
  • Ei panthlang hai Bangladesh ah ringtu 0.3% chau an nih. Khawvela ringtu tlawmna pawltak anih. North East India kohran haiin Bangladesh ringnawtuhai an hrilpuok ri avang hle! A hnai lai le ei zuom deu hai lai a thuo thuo in missionary ei hnaw muk ringawt el anih
  • An leh ei pansak hai Bhutan ah percentage tiding khawm neilo anla na, a harsa deu leiin ei baw tak tak ngam naw ning a tih! Khawvel rambung inthim pathum laia thlangsuok anih. Kum 2012 khan kan nu leh kohran ṭhuoitu iemani zat kan fea, thil lawmum suklang lo ding kan zu hmu suok haiin ka lung an suk dam em em. Kohran eini rawi hriet manglo hai hin “Ramthim” anlo nawr tak tak anih ti ka zu hmu chieng hle
  • India hmarsaka  khuo lientak Guwahati hi Mizoram le Arunachal Pradesh a population inkawp neka tamlem umna anih. Sample survey thawna a ringdan chun Christian population chu 0.65 vela ngai anih. Biekin tlawmte le Fellowship sawmhni deuthaw a uma. Ringthar la dinga hma la chu tlawmte an nih.
  • India hmarsak ah khawpui le district ringtu 1% um naw na ala um nuol el. “Tui ahung infawn pha ami ṭhuoitu ding ka nei ve nawha anih” titu ding an phul mur mur el anih!
  • Sikkim earthquake lai khan khuo (village) ringtu um nawna ala tam zie ka hang hmu bawk.

Tulai chu ‘workplace evangelism’, ‘workplace witness’, ‘marketplace evangelism’ tiin Christian organization le kohran hmathlirna tienga bengvarhai chun hma an lak nasa em em. Ei kawl le vela ringnawtu hai ei endan ka hmu chang mak ka ti hle hlak! Ei thawk chanpui hai laia chanchin ṭha hril nekin anni neka du âm le vervek ei tam lem ring a um. Sipai pakhatin “Vai lai chu ‘Zawlro’ hrildan an hriet nawha, ka hrila an mi bum mur mur hlak” ati thu an mi hril! “Krista kuoma mi ṭhuoitu ding ka hmu naw lei anih” titu ding chu an la tam ie! Kum iengzam eini rawi hi an mi nghâk ta aw! Kum 100 lai an mi lo nghâk sung ‘hremhmun’ tieng an liem rawn taluo tah! In khîk inkhala, in ve hlema, inchotuo hun chu an ta nawh ie! Ei thawding ei thaw naw leia “Thlaraua zeng”, damna nghâk an va tam de. Ringnaw tuhai buoipui lova ‘pawl’ ringawt buoipui el hi Pathien kona ah ei ngai ani chun ni el sien! Ei thaw ding ei thawnaw leia Setan in a phuor an va tam de. Thlaraua zeng hai hin thi chenin ringum takin an mi nghâk zing el ding chu ani hi! Adivasi hai Assembly ah thuhrilin kan nu le kan driver pa leh 2012 khan kan va fe a. Mi 2000 vel an inkhawma. Adivasi hai hi North East India ah 85 lakh vel an uma, ringtu percent a la tam naw hle. An Executive Secreatry in thla khat ah Rs. 2000/- a hlawa, Secretary dang pahni haiin Rs.1800/- an hlaw ve! An inrim zie chu theinghil thei kan ring nawh. Thingpui sik hai (Tea leave picker) hai quarter chîn em em ah mi pariet kan hei inhnaw bum chu, kan intar tho ie! Nithum vel chau sung mi iemani zatin Isu an pawm hman anih. Thlarau bohmang invawi tak tak kohran hai lûtna chi anih. “Tui ahung infawn pha ami ṭhuoitu ding ka nei  ve nawha anih” an la ti zing! “Ṭhuoitu bo, invawitu bo kan nih” tiin Krista kuomah an mi hek zing anih. Adivasi hai lai hin Maoist (ramhnuoimi hrat em em) an hung lutin Assam sorkar chun a hril. Silai la lo ding le hriemhrei hmang lova, bible le pen hmang lem dingin thei tawpin ka van fûi ve anih.


Unau dittakhai, ‘tho har ei tiu’!! Kum 38 neka sawt lem ‘Sandamna tuifawn ngaia nghâk zing’ an tam taluo. Khawpui le kawtthler tinah an zal thlek thluk el! Isu’n, “Dâk unla, Lo hai hi en ro. Ât dingin an hmin zo tah” a ti kha hre zing ei tiu. Dâk suok met ei ngai tah. Dâk suok der lova en ngai en char char el, thaw ngai thaw char char el, hril ngai hril char char el, sak ngai sak char char el, hmu ngai hmu char char el hai hi “Thlarau mitdel hai ngirhmun” anih. Hang dâk fân met ei tiu! Ei khaw nghat hang suksang deu ei tiu khai. ‘Thlaraua na em em santu ding ngai’ an tam hle. Intir suok a hun tah. A fe suok tu ding zawng suok a hun tah. Hun nuhnung an taha, chance an nei tlawm ta em em anih. “Pu, Tui a hung infawn pha  ami ṭhuoitu ding ka nei ve nawha anih” tiin an khek sup sup el. Krista aia sin thawtu dinga ‘Ko’ eini an naw?! 2012 November khan India rama mission tienga kohran ṭhuoitu iemani zat Korea ah “Ethne” conference kan zu neia. Kei khawm IMA (Indian Mission Association) palai in ka zu ṭhang ve a. Mongolia a Evangelical Fellowship hotu pa le Korean hotu’n hieng ang hin a hril. Mongolia rama ringthar pa’n Korea missionary kuomah “Iengtika inthawka Gospel hi inchang am? Ieng leia I Pa in ka pa alo hril naw? Ieng dinga I pu khawm chu Mongolia ramah hungin ka pu alo hril naw?”tiin. Korea pa chun hril ding ka hriet der nawh atih! August thlabul 2014 in Welsh hai kuomah “Watkin Roberts kha kum thumin lo hung inhma sien chu ka pa Pi khawm sandamin um atih” ka tiha. Mak an ti hle el. Eini rawi khawm zawna harsa tak ei tuok zing anih. Thlarauin ei mit sukvar sien ka nuom takzet. 1% missionary kohran khawm nilohai tadingin in ngaituo nasat a ṭul hle. Vantirko ngailova Tui sukfawntu ding ei nih! Thaw ta u, lal sunghai va hril ei tiu! Amen!