About Us

We are a team of volunteers from North East India with a burden to reach our people with the Word of God. Today thousands of our young people are scattered all over India and abroad as students and workforce in various government and non government jobs. Many of these are too tied up with their works and barely have time to fellowship with other Christians for worship and spiritual nourishment. The idea of this website project is to reach out to these people and people in general with the message of the Gospel.

The website will be basically in English and also in other tribal languages of North East India. Users are welcome to register and contribute resources for the development of this website. Please pray and support this work!

Ei tawnghai hin website iemanizat ei nei tawl ta a, amiruokchu Pathien thu (Sermon le article) hai inchuonna ding bik ei la neinaw niin an lang. Ei Kristienna chu kum za chuong an ta bawk si. Ieng lei am ning a ta? Pathien thu ei inhniknaw lei khawm a ni el thei.

Iengkhawm nisien Hmar hnam le Pathien thu Sermon le article hai insuona ding website ei nei hi a awm hrim hrim a nih. Ei inhnik le hniknaw chu thudang, ei visit rawn le rawn naw chu thudang, ei nei hi a awm ve hrim hrim a nih. Duthu a samnawna tamtak khawm um a tih, iengkhawm nisien, a bul ei hang intan ve reng reng a nih. Mi pakhat pahni bekin an lo tangkai pui a ni chun a hun tawk em em.

Chubak ah Internet a ni pha min Facebook dam, email dam le khawvel chanchin dang dang porno hai chen thaw na a an hmang laia Pathien thucha website hang siem ngat el chu mi a hip rawn ring a umnaw tlek tlek ngawt el. Amiruokchu hi thil hi hlawkna dinga ei thaw annaw a, mi pakhat bekin a lo hlawkpui tak duoiin tia ei hung siem a nih.

Tulai mihriem ei changkang zo ta a, vairam khawpui le khawvel hmun hran hrana sinthaw a indar ei tam ta a, chuonglaia tamtak lem chu Pathienni inkhawm tak ngiel khawm inkhawm ngailo ei ni ta a. Hienghai hi nitina Computer le Internet hmabula sinthaw dam ei ni tawl a. Chuong ang mi pakhat bekin a lo tangkai takduoiin tiin hi website hi ei hung buoipui a nih.

Sermon le Christian-related chanchin insuo nuom neihai chun mani in register a insuo thei vawng a nih. Registered member phawt hi Contributor anni senga, article contribute a um phawt chu Admin in approved thawng a ta chuchun insuo a ni pei ding a nih.

Pathien pawlna i dawnghai, Pathien thu nangma a i neihai to bo pui el loin mihai thathnempui dingin sharing hung thaw rawh. Hi website a hin in register la, chuchun i sermon/article hai chu i hung insuo thei ding a nih.

Tiemtu po po Lalpan malsawmna tamtakin vur raw sen cheu!


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